Dear Parents

Thank you for showing an interest in our Day Nursery, Bumble Bee’s in Wimbledon. Your very own community High Quality, Affordable Childcare Services which open at convenient time of the day for every staff in Wimbledon, be it the NHS, Colleges, Banking Staff, Students, catering staff, Railway Staff, School Teachers and more.
The team would like you to know that we have over twenty years experience, in Wimbledon as a day nursery for children and caring for attendees with special needs, with extensive qualifications in each. Because of this knowledge as a nursery in Wimbledon, we are able to create a warm and loving environment for your little ones to learn and develop fully in their early years. The team’s experience, qualifications and ratio meets OFSTED Regulations.
The premises has been specially designed into separate opened plan areas for different activities and independent play, such as the messy area for arts and crafts as well as the sensory area for exploration. We also have a book corner where a child can have quiet time.
We want you to feel welcome to stay with your child as long as you wish, when you wish and are happy to receive any input from you.
In the following pages you will find out more about Bumble Bee’s Day Nursery, in Wimbledon. If you are interested in securing a place please contact us to arrange a viewing at your earliest convenience.
The team look forward to meet with you.
Best Regards
The Team
020 8540 7775